What I'm doing? 


All candles made by AZ Decore & Style can be made scented and no scented, by your preferences. 


  • Sculpture  Candles  

  • Spiral candles 

  • Candles in concrete wrapping 

  • Concrete column candles 

  • Candles in tin 

  • Candles in glass jar 

  • Candles in glass jars with lid.

  • Candles in paint jars

  • Wax melts 

        Spa & Bath

  •  Bath melts

  •  Foot soaks

  •  Bath salts

  •  Soaps 

  •  Bath tea bags


     Home Art decoration

  •   Concrete coasters 

  •   Jewellery plates

  •   Concrete trays

  •   Vases

  •   Wax melts burners





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