Some words about me! 

Welcome to my webshop. 

My name is Angela Zeijlemaker, face behind all AZ Decore & Style products, and here is a short story about me. 

Living near Ravels in the Antwerpen province for the last 2 years has ignited my recent passion for candle, particularly for scented candles. I adore being in the nature around me! In 2020 when Covid hit the world and the whole world knew nothing but lockdown and social distancing, it affected everyone including me. I had to stop going to work from day to day, I had to close my beloved hair salon indefinitely. It was a frustrating time when you can't be diligent about your work, when you can't be in touch with your wonderful clients. It was very difficult to see all my friends and loved ones in fear, depression and uncertainty of the coming days, weeks, months. In recent period, I also wanted to get into something else and create a niche  alongside my imagery. So when the unforeseen lockdown took hold, I captured the opportunity to create my own Spa & Bath handmade products. In the beginning, I gave away all my soaps to acquaintances and friends to brighten up those gloomy lockdown days. I was getting very positive feedback, which I can say started a new stage of my creativity and passion.

After emigrating to Belgium, I fell in love with handmade candles.Having always had candles around my home and often disappointed with their performance, I wanted to offer a brand that not only made me passionate to create the best product I can, but also one that understands how each candle can make you feel. A memory is sparked by a fragrance! Starting in my kitchen as many chandlers do, it wasn’t long before I to progressed to a larger workshop. A year down the line and a lot of time and research later

AZ Decore & Style is finally here.

I love the fact I can bring a little bit of nature and happiness to you with fragrances that will envelope your surroundings and hopefully infuse not only their scent into your room but a give a little time for mind and soul relaxation.