Elegant concrete candle - Gold

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This concrete scented candle is the result of handcraft. The mold has a unique shape and size. High quality concrete is poured for a resistant and durable finish. The pot is sanded and varnished, always by hand to seal it against wax and water. This modern and elegant concrete candle is the perfect addition to a modern interior for both indoor and outdoor use.

These are hand poured with premium and organic soy wax, all natural fragrance oils and cotton wicks to provide a clean eco friendly burn. Our candles are 100% organic, vegan, cruelty free, phthalate free and petroleum free.

The great thing about this candle is that is perfect for so many spots around your home. Once the wax has been consumed you can simply use it as a tray for you trinkets.
Perfect for your patio, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living area. You can use it to hold your trinkets, jewellery, toiletries, make up, keys, sunglasses. So many possibilities!

All of our items are handcrafted in Ravels, Belgium from locally sourced products. All of our branding items use in our packing are made from 100% Recycled and 100% compostable materials.


Candle Care

Allow your candle to burn at least two hours on its first use. Trim the wick to 0.6cm before every burn. Allow the candle to melt to the edges each time you burn it however do not burn your candle for more than four hours at a time.




Grey / Gold : Jasmine & Bergamot

Red / Gold : Rose & Ylang Ylang

Emerald Green / Gold: Bamboo, Grass & Floral mix

Blue / Silver :  Eucalyptus, Mint & Sandalwood

Dimensions and Details:


Height 8cm   Wide 8cm.

Burning time apprx. ; 75 - 80h

Weight 0.180Kg

Weight including wesel :0.500Kg


Each item comes with a protective pad underneath, so they won´t scratch the surface of your furniture.