What makes these candles unique, is the "spiral" wick inside. The top half of the candle, literally has a wick that goes around the candle, in a spiral. Their unique, patented, two-candles-in-one design started with the simple idea that you could create a candle without the wasted wax left over on the edges from burning traditional candles.

Not only will it now be burning the side of the candle that would normally end up in the garbage, it offers offer a truly unique, even mesmerizing candle burning experience. It's truly a joy to watch it burn as it beautifully crumbles down and melts.

100% Soy Wax

Lavender essential oil


Dimensions and Details:


Diameter: 6cm  Height: 15cm

Burning time apprx. 60h

Weight : 0.316Kg


Diameter: 6 Height : 11cm 

Burning time apprx:  55-60h

Weight: 0.245Kg


Cotton Wick / Wooden Wick