White Peach Tea




With the new soy wax called White Peach Tea  bring you a wonderful fresch, but at the same time energetic scent into your home. These unique candle is made with a combination of scents including White Peach,Guava,  Oolong Tea and Nutmeg as well as Peach and Pear .This mix of scents creates a pleasant and invigorating atmosphere in your home.

Please note: because the candles are handmade, the shapes and colors may differ from the product photo. But that makes the unique character of these even better! With this candle you can enjoy the scent for about 16 hours.  

Front note: White Peach, Guava

Medium note: Peach, Pear

Rear adjustment: Oolong Tea, Nutmeg


Dimensions and Details:


120g / 4.23 Oz

* Burning time apprx. 35h