These hand - poured candles have been made using a unique blend of essential oils, the finest combination of purest ingredients, and natural soy wax to formulate a beautifully enhanced aroma throw. Release the best fragrances that are entirely free from toxins, paraffin and harmful residues.

Soy candles relaxes, calm the nervs, and relive anxiety.

Romantic: A candle with a soft, sensual smell can help set the mood for a romantic evening.


Dimensions and Details:


High scent: Almond & Cherry

Middle scent:  Rum & Brown Shugar

Closing scent: Vanilla

   Size XL: 

  10 cm x 10 cm

* Burning time aprx. 120h

* Weight 1.130Kg


   Size M : 

  High 7cm ; Diameter 7cm 

* Burning time apprx.  65-70h

* weight : 0.305 Kg


   Size S

   Hhigh 6cm ; Diameter 5.5cm

* Burning time apprx. 35h

* Weight:  0.152Kg