Our handmade soy candle in a grey concrete variant will come in handy not only on days of fatigue and stress. Its refreshing aroma made of 100% natural essential oils helps against bad mood and relaxation.

We make them all by hand, so their weight may vary slightly.  Thanks to the handmade production, each piece is original, and therefore there may be small imperfections in the form of bubbles in the concrete, but this is not a problem.

The wax we use in our candles is 100% natural soy wax, vegan and biodegradable. None of our candles contain dyes, we only add 100% natural essential oils to them, which give them irresistible aromas. Candles are best stored in a dry and cool place and away from direct heat or sunlight.

Just like the candle itself, its packaging comes from our workshop. The eco-friendly water-based concrete material from which we make them is fire-resistant and contains no solvents or volatile organic compounds. After the candle burns out, you can wipe its cover with a paper towel, wash it with a gentle detergent and continue to use it in any way you like. But do not use it for food storage. 



Apple & Vanilla

Spiced Pumpkin 

Pina Colada


Fruit Cocktail

Summer Garden


Dimensions and Details:


Hight 3.5cm ; Diameter 8cm

Burning time apprx. 36-40h

Weight: 0.150 Kg

Weight including wesel :0.220Kg