Black Widow




Set of four candles

These unique candles make excellent gifts and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Wax Candles make for great housewarming gifts or as table centrepieces, as well. Light a candle, and it will create a real fairy tale in your home.

Each Candle is made with love and attention to detail.


Dimensions and Details:


1 x 10cm high x 6cm diameter 

* Burning time apprx.  45h

* Weight  0.546 Kg


1 x 15cm high x 6 cm diameter 

* Burning time apprx.  65h

* Weight  0.752 Kg


1 x 22cm high x 6cm diameter 

* Burning time apprx.  80h 

* Weight  1.090 Kg


1 x 28cm high x 6 cm diameter

* Burning time apprx.  120h

* Weight   1.510 Kg


24k gold


Please be aware that these products are handmade and therefore each candle has small unique irregularities (bubbles and imperfections are part of the charm and individuality of the product).