Snow White




Set of two Concrete Pillar Candle

Handmade natural soy wax candle with a unique concrete base. Hand painted embellishments on the gold and silver option. 


Dimensions and Details:


1 x 22 cm diameter 6 cm 

* Burning time apprx. 80 hours

* Weight  1,011Kg


1 x 15 cm diameter 6 cm 

* Burning time apprx. 65 hours

* Weight  0.867Kg


Plated with 24K Gold

PLEASE NOTE: Each candle is totally unique and no two are ever identical due to the different way the concrete sets each time. Sometimes there will be more crevices, lighter areas, darker areas - the photo should be used as a guide only. There is no control how each candle will turn out and therefore the images are a representation of the candle style. Please ensure you are happy with this unique process before ordering.


Due to the way the candle is made, there may be remnants of concrete on the soy wax.